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We Invest in Promising Online and DTC Service-Based Businesses

Where The Word Partner Actually Means Something


All You Need to Grow

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We Help Turn Dreams Into Realities 

Welcome to the place where entrepreneurial dreams get supercharged.

V8 Capital is the offspring of SA’s revenue growth-focussed marketing agency, V8 Media.

After having worked with over 300+ businesses since 2018.

And, after generating over R1BN in sales for clients collectively.

We’ve decided to take all our experience, knowledge, and resources to birth V8 Capital.

V8 Capital acts as a multi-facet partner that provides business, financial, and marketing resources to passionate entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their success!


Scentimental is a fragrance business that has gone from zero to annual revenue of R24 million! in less than 12 months!

Marketers Turned Business Accelerators 

V8 Capital is backed by born and bred marketers…

…the same marketers who founded V8 Media,

(One of SA’s first bottom-line focussed digital marketing agencies.)

V8 Media has been growing eCommerce and local businesses thanks to innovative digital marketing strategies since 2018.

It’s helped generate over R1BN in sales for clients collectively to date.

After 6 years of diving deep into the eCommerce and DTC serviced-based business realms…

… learning and mastering various industries.

We’ve decided to branch off into investors.

But not just any type of investors.

Investors with a proven blueprint for success.

Investors with a super power of generating demand for brands.

Investors with the necessary resources you need

to build, grow, and scale any eCommerce or DTC service-based business profitably.

gloot-logo copy

Gloot is an innovative female nutrition brand that's gone from zero to an annual revenue of R12 million in less than 12 months.

Why Consider V8 Capital? 

What sets us apart?

Well, here’s the story.

Most investors just hand over cash.

We can do that too.

But with V8 Capital, you get much more.

You get a dedicated growth team that understands your niche.

You get to shortcut your way to success with battle-tested strategies!

You get your own private 1-1 mentor that has proven success in your specific industry.

See, it’s not just about the “investment.”

It’s about controlling as many variables as possible to ensure your success.

And that is what we help you do!

That’s what makes V8 Capital different.

We’re not just investors.

We’re actual day-to-day partners.


Plush Cleaning is still in it's early phases, but growing and expanding quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions About V8 Capital? 

What kind of brands does V8 Capital invest in?

V8 Capital is focused on propelling ecommerce and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) service-based businesses forward.

Our sweet spot is partnering with founders who have their own direct-to-consumer brands, particularly those with distinctive products and healthy markups.

We also love local, and online service-based businesses that cater directly to consumers.

If your brand has a unique edge and is poised for expansion, we’re excited to explore how we can grow together.

What does V8 Capital look for in a partner?

We are in search of partners who have a thorough understanding of their industry and customers, boasting a product or service that not only distinguishes itself but also has healthy margins.

Beyond outstanding products, we appreciate partners who are open-minded and genuinely enthusiastic about growth.

How does V8 Capital support the businesses it invests in?

What sets V8 Capital apart is our hands-on experience in the industries we invest in.

We provide us with a clear, step-by-step growth blueprint for our partners based pre-existing success.

Unlike many investment firms that offer capital with generic advice, we bring to the table an actionable roadmap for success, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of each business.

Additionally, we recognize the high cost of marketing for growing businesses and distinguish ourselves by allocating marketing resources to our partners.

This unique combination of industry-specific insight, strategies and marketing support ensures our partners not just survive but thrive within their markets.

What is the typical investment size and terms?

At V8 Capital, we understand that every business and its needs are unique.

Some businesses may require capital infusion, while others might benefit more from specific resources.

This is why we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to our investments.

Instead, we structure deals that are best suited to the founder’s needs and the long-term vision of their business.

Our aim is to create a partnership that not only fuels immediate growth but also aligns with the sustainable success of the business.

Are there specific geographic locations where V8 Capital invests?

For online businesses, geography isn’t a barrier—we work with digital enterprises globally.

But for local service-based companies, we mainly focus on Gauteng and Western Cape.

These are areas where we have strong market insights, allowing us to provide tailored support and leverage our expertise effectively.

Can V8 Capital help with international expansion?

For online businesses, absolutely!

We have the expertise and resources to assist with international expansion, helping brands reach new markets and scale globally.

However, for local businesses, it’s less likely at this time.

Our focus is primarily on online ventures when it comes to international growth opportunities.

Can brands still apply if they have received investments from other firms?

Yes, brands with prior investments from other firms can apply.

However, acceptance depends on the specific business, its requirements, and the available equity for our capital and resources.